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Benefits and Costs


What You Get

A Job When You Arrive in the UK

Our Program Partner works with a large network of employers throughout the UK. They take the stress out of the job hunt and promise to have you working within 14 days* of your arrival into the UK. 

Jobs are in the following areas: 

  • Live-In Pubs Job
  • The London Job Starter: Hospitality,  Administration*, Customer Service*, Construction & Trades*, Teaching*, Teaching Assistant*, Childcare*, Live-In Carers/Nanny. 

*Note: due to COVID-19 some positions may not be available until 2022 (contact CCUSA to discuss). Start dates will be after any industry related training, if applicable.

Earn English Pounds £

  • Once you commence your job, you will soon start earning pounds! What you earn goes straight in your back pocket, so you can save your hard-earned dollars for future travel and social events.


  • On site accommodation comes with the Live-In Pubs and Live-In Carer options. For other job sectors you will need to secure your own accommodation.  Our Program Partners will give you advice on things to be aware of and how to go about finding something suitable.  
  • Whether you are looking for a short term solution for your initial arrival or something more long term, they not only work with some of London’s top award-winning hostels, but also credible agencies and landlords who have houses and rooms available across the UK. You will also gain access to their exclusive member only accommodation listing.

Arrival Assistance

  • UK Bank Account: Opening a bank account in the UK is harder process than here in Australia.  Our Program Partners know how the banks work and can give you the right assistance so as to get this done promptly. 
  • UK SIM: Get your number straight away so you can give it out to your family, friends and any employers or recruitment agencies even before you leave.  The UK SIMs are from mainstream network providers (Three and 02).  If you are looking to live and work in the UK for an extended period you'll need a UK based phone network with great coverage and competitive data offerings.
  • National Insurance Number: This is essentially your tax number and it will be required by your employer and to help you keep track of your tax payments. Our Program Partners will ensure that you get your number set up as quickly as possible. This number also gives you access to a whole range of services including the UK’s National Health Service.
  • Social Events: Meeting new people is one of the most enjoyable aspects of living and working overseas. Our Program Partners other participants regular social events and discounts on things like, theatre nights, pub quizzes, boat cruises, festivals and weekend tours (Covid-19 restrictions allowing). 
  • Social Events: Meeting new people is one of the most enjoyable aspects of living and working overseas.  Our Program Partners offer regular social events and discounts on events from cheap price theatre nights, pub quizzes, boat cruises, festivals and weekend tours.  

On Going Support

  • You can always take comfort in the fact that there’s someone on the ground in London, if and when you need, to offer guidance and ongoing support.  Our Program Partners have an open door policy for the whole time you are there.  Join their Alumni network to get first hand advice from other participants who have already walked in your footsteps.

Visa Assistance

  • CCUSA are here to answer general questions about the costs, criteria and visa process. You can also choose to add on “The Tier 5 Visa Assistance” or “UK Ancestry Visa Assistance” option to your Work UK program which enables our Program Partners to fully hold your hand through the entire process.  
  • Their visa consultants will complete your visa application for you, check all your supporting documents and only submit it when everything is in order. Furthermore they offer a “No Visa No Fee” promise – so if you don’t get your visa they will refund the cost of this service (obviously so long as you have been completely honest). 

Please note: The “Tier 5 Visa Assistance” or " UK Ancestry Visa Assistance" fee does not include the UK Government's Entry Clearance Fee or the International Health Surcharge which is payable directly to the British High Commission once your application is complete and ready to submit.

Support from Experienced and Friendly Staff in Australia and the UK

  • CCUSA staff and our Program Partners are dedicated to giving you the very best service. We have all experienced working and travelling overseas so we know what you are going though. Our Program Partner’s are based in London and are available to you for any problems or difficulties you may have.  This is a great way to start off your UK work adventure.

Travel Insurance

  • Access to CCUSA Australia group travel insurance plans, so you are safely covered while you are travelling and working. Chat to CCUSA during your interview about taking out this insurance and the costs involved (which vary based on length and type of coverage).

Improve Personal Skills

  • Gain confidence, independence, maturity and other valuable life-long skills that will broaden your horizons and your future career.

Make New International Friends To Last A Lifetime!

What You Pay

Program Fees

  • Live in Pubs : £350
  • The London Job Starter (excludes Pub or Camp Counselor Jobs): £195
  • Camp Counsellors UK: £350
  • Camp Counsellors UK + Live in Pub Program: £700


  • Tier 5 Mobility Visa Assistance): £95
  • UK Ancestry Visa Assistance): £245

​These add-on options are the best way to ensure a smooth and supported visa application process if you do not have a UK Passport.