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  • DISCOUNT: Combine working at summer camp and winter ski resort in canada. Contact us to discuss how you can get this Program Combination Bundle Click here to learn more about working at a camp in Canada or Camp in the USA
  • Hiring Fairs with Canadian Ski Resorts are happening between April - Sept (if you want to start in Nov 2022 - apply no later than the start of August). 
  • Click here to view the SKI RESORTS & EMPLOYERS hiring through Work Adventures Canada - Resort program 



Program Options

Start-up Option
Do you already have a job arranged in Canada or connections to get your own job and just need IEC Application assistance? Pay just the "Application" Fee and get help with the IEC Application and all the additional support from WAC.

Placement Option
We have developed relationships with several resorts, wineries, restaurants, adventure parks and hotels throughout Canada to ensure we find you the ideal job. You are given the opportunity to learn about our employers, their locations, and the jobs they are offering. During the application process, you will complete a Job Preference Form listing your top choices of employers, jobs and locations to assist our placement team in finding the right match. We guarantee your gross weekly income will average $300 to $450 CAD or more per week for 30 - 40 hours per week. You will receive normal rostered days off which will allow you plenty of time to see the sights. See a list of our employers below.

Bundle Option
Bundle the "Placement Option" with another CCUSA program that runs concurrently and receive a discount. Contact your CCUSA office for more details.


CCUSA will assist you in applying for the IEC’s Working Holiday Program. 


You are responsible for making your own travel arrangements to your job placement in Canada.  Your employer will provide you with the arrival location, travel details and dates.  Your local CCUSA office will put you in touch with their preferred travel agent to ensure you get the most competitive airline flights available.   

Travel Insurance

You are required to obtain comprehensive travel insurance for the entire duration of your stay in Canada.   Your Canadian Work Permit dates will match the exact dates of your insurance coverage when you enter Canada.  You have the option of purchasing a CCUSA Insurance Plan, so you are safely covered while you are travelling and working in Canada. The fees involved vary based on length and type of coverage you choose.  Check with your CCUSA office for more details. 

Arrival Assistance

CCUSA will assist you in making your arrival accommodations and will provide detailed instructions on obtaining your Social Insurance Number and opening a Canadian bank account. From there, you will be given travel instructions to your final destination.


Either your employer or Work Adventures Canada will help you find accommodations during your contract. Also, many employers provide staff housing for a small fee.   


CCUSA will offer support and resources through every step of the process.  You will have access to our WAC private Facebook group to keep you connected with WAC participants all over the world and in Canada. You will have access to our exclusive interview, job hunting and resume tips to give you the competitive edge needed to get the job you want.  You will have a number to call that gives you 24/7 support in case of emergencies or for just ordinary questions.  You will never feel alone!

Fees and salary

Your gross weekly income will average $300 to $450 CAD (before deductions). You will receive normal rostered days off which will allow you plenty of time off to see the sites.

The tables below display the fees for the Work Adventures Canada/Resort program.  You should also consider the following costs when finalizing your budget:  federal police background check, insurance, flights, proof of funds and living expenses while in Canada.

Program Fees
Application Fee (Start-up Option Fee ONLY) $499 AUD
Acceptance Fee $466 AUD
Additional Fees
IEC Participation Fee $156 CAD
Work Permit Holder Fee $100 CAD
Biometrics $85 CAD


If you meet the above requirements and are ready to experience CCUSA’s Work Adventures Canada Program, then Apply today!


The application process

  • Follow the link to Apply
  • Complete and return all the documents with payment to CCUSA. Be sure to read and sign the Program Agreement.
  • We will contact you within a week to arrange a personal interview.

Applications are accepted year-round. You must apply to CCUSA at least 12 - 16 weeks prior to your anticipated start date. 


We are fortunate to partner with a group of exciting employers throughout Canada who trust and welcome our international staff.  Job availability is dependent on the season and size of the employer.  We recommend you apply to Work Adventures Canada early to ensure you get the job you want.

The list of employers who are currently hiring is avaialable on our Work Adventures Canada Employers page. Check back frequently to view the most recent updates to our employers.