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Program Options

Independent Option

You are responsible for finding a host company to offer you a training program in one of the approved categories. Once a company is located and the information given to CCUSA, we will contact the company to verify the suitability of the host company. We will review their obligations and determine if the training program meets the appropriate requirements.

CCUSA is required to conduct site visits of host organizations that:

  • Have not previously participated successfully in the sponsor’s program;
  • Have fewer than 25 employees; and
  • Have less than $3 million in annual revenue

If a site visit is required there will be additional fees.  Fees for site visits are determined on a case by case basis and dependent on a variety of factors including but not limited to the location of the host organization and whether CCUSA has a representative nearby to do the visit.  If it is determined a site visit is necessary, CCUSA will notify both you and the host organization of the costs to do such a visit.

You are responsible for making all arrangements with the company offering the training program, including negotiating compensation, if applicable. You are also responsible for accommodation and living expenses. CCUSA will review all agreements as part of the application process.

placement OPTION

With the placement option, you would apply for one of CCUSA’s approved training programs.  You would submit your CV/Resume, completed application including references along with the placement fee.  If accepted to the program, CCUSA will forward your application to the host company and the host company would set up an interview.  If you are offered the training program, CCUSA would sponsor you and guide the host company in completing the DS-7002 Form (Training Plan) and CCUSA would prepare the consulate packet and assist you in preparing for the consulate interview.

Job positions that are NOT allowed on the Practical Training Visa
Attendants, Parking Lot
Attendants (Service Workers such as Personal Service Attendants, Amusement and Recreation Service Attendants)
Automobile Service Station Attendants
Charworkers and Cleaners
Chauffeurs and Taxicab Drivers
Cleaners, Hotel and Motel
Clerks, General
Clerks, Hotel
Clerks and Checkers, Grocery Stores
Clerk Typist
Cooks, Short Order
Counter and Fountain Workers
Dining Room Attendants
Electric Truck Operators
Elevator Operators
Helpers, any industry
Hotel Cleaners
Household Domestic Service Workers
Key Punch Operators
Kitchen Workers
Laborers, Common
Laborers, Farm
Laborers, Mine
Loopers and Toppers
Material Handlers
Nurses' Aides and Orderlies
Packers, Markers, Bottlers and Related
Sailors and Deck Hands
Sales Clerks, General
Sewing Machine Operators and Handstitchers
Stock Room and Warehouse Workers
Streetcar and Bus Conductors
Telephone Operators
Truck Drivers and Tractor Drivers
Typist, Lesser Skilled
Ushers, Recreation and Amusement
Yard Workers
Note: Our Work Experience USA program does offer qualified university students the opportunity to work in the USA in these types of jobs.