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What You Get

It's not as simple as it may seem to get organised to work overseas (especially in the USA). This is why CCUSA offers all this and more.  

highest WAGES 

  • Earn US$2000 (for First Time participants or those heading to a new camp) 
  • US$45 per day for extra days worked past the 9 week resident or 11 week day camp.
  • Returning back to your camp, you negotiate with camp based on your position so you can earn even more.



  • WORLD CLASS REPUTATION: We pride ourselves on our high level of customer service and personalized support.
  • Over 37,000 Aussies have trusted CCUSA for their Summer Camp Experience
  • AUSTRALIAN OFFICE: With staff who are based in Australia.
  • #1 CHOICE FOR OUR SUMMER CAMPS: CCUSA has long-standing relationships with our camps.
  • GROUP ORIENTATIONS: CCUSA prepares you for camp and your travels before you leave.
  • FREE ONLINE INFORMATION MEETINGS: These interactive sessions will help you learn about camp and the process.
  • PART OF A GLOBAL NETWORK; CCUSA brings internationals to camp from over 40 countries.
  • FREE TRAVEL TO CAMP: From your camp’s designated USA arrival point you will receive free travel to camp, along with advice on travel to and from camp..


  • WORK DATES: Between mid May/early June until mid/late August.
  • 100%: We have placed all accepted participants for 35 years..
  • CCUSA CAMP JOB FAIRS: Get a job on the spot!
  • GUARANTEED JOB: Based on your skills and experience.
  • 500+ SUMMER CAMPS: Means more choice, more jobs!
  • PERSONAL PLACEMENT: CCUSA assess your skills, personality and camps you wish to work at to find you the perfect camp placement. That is why we place every one year after year!


  • FREE FOOD/ACCOMMODATION: So you get to save your hard earned cash for after camp travel!
  • GLOBAL INSURANCE: That matches your visa work dates at camp.
  • 24 HOUR ASSISTANCE: While in the USA we provide you access to a 24-hour toll free emergency assistance hotline.
  • Get Paid US$2,000.


  • J1 CAMP COUNSELOR VISA: CCUSA is YOUR official US Government designated J1 Visa Sponsor. We work alongside the US State Department to ensure the success of your programs. CCUSA is NOT a 3rd party!  
  • 60 DAYS TO TRAVEL: Travel and sightsee around the USA for up to 30 days before and 30 days after camp.
  • SEVIS FEE PAID: By your camp.


  • ONLINE SUPPORT SITE: You'll gain access to 'Footprints' your personal support members website that holds important information and documentation for your travels
  • PLUS MORE: CCUSA staff & games handbook, travel guide and more.


  • COMMUNICATION & CONTRIBUTION SKILLS: Are critical for success in today’s world. These 21st century skills are developed and practiced at camp daily as you communicate effectively with campers, fellow staff, directors and owners.
  • CRITICAL THINKING & PROBLEM SOLVING: Health and safety for you and your campers is paramount at summer camp. You will be trained and then challenged to think on your feet and solve health, safety, programming and care issues during your employment.
  • INTERPERSONAL & LEADERSHIP SKILLS: Learning these in a real-life context, you typically supervise and manage 7–15 campers, engaging in behaviour management, living ethics while being a role model and contributing to their growth and development.
  • COLLABORATIVE SKILLS: Through ongoing training learn how to co-operate with your peers in a work setting. Combine, listen and integrate ideas as you build a strong team and culture in your camp community.
  • CREATIVITY: You will develop innovative and fun ways to engage an audience of 2 to 200.
  • CULTURAL DIVERSITY: Camp provides you with global work and cultural experiences. Working alongside international staff will help you learn and gain a true international work understanding and advantage that can draw employer’s attention to your CV/Resume.


See the Returning to Camp page for details including program information, wages and more.