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What You Get

A fantastic experience that is value for money

Immerse yourself into a new culture with like-minded, outgoing people from throughout the world. Break away from the normal scenery, uni or job life. 


CCUSA gives you the chance to earn the highest camp wages from Australia based on your skill level.

Your wages, also known as Pocket Money, are determined by your age as of June 1st and your Australian skills/qualifications. Earn up to US$2,695 for a 9 week resident camp or 11 week day camp. Earn US$39 per day for extra days worked.

Camp Counselors

Age  Pocket Money
18 Years US$1335
19 - 20 Years US$1600
21+ Years US$1795

Advanced Skill Level Counselors

Age  Pocket Money
18 Years US$1485
19 - 20 Years US$1750
21+ Years US$1945

Participants with specialized skills and sufficient experienced are entitled to increased pocket money. To see if you qualify, please review the Advanced Skill Level sheet.

ELITE POCKET MONEY - earn up to US$2695. Click on your skill below 


  • 30 Years 100% placed at camp! A placement record that is the best in the industry.  CCUSA's Program Agreement states that we refund anyone we can't place, but as our placement record shows with our 1000 camps we work with is not something we have done for 30 years!.
  • Low Program Fee: From just $499. We keep our program fees low and have no hidden charges so that you can receive more and pay less. Our program is up to $320 less in fees than most other US camp programs. 
  • Official J1 Visa Sponsor: CCUSA is an official US designated J1 Visa Sponsor and you will only be dealing with CCUSA in Australia and in the USA, not a third party (like most other US camp organisations in Australia are)! CCUSA is your visa sponsor and issues the sponsoring US Government document that you need to get your visa. The visa is for work at camp plus up to 30 days to travel and sightsee around the USA (before and after camp). We assist you with your mandatory face-to-face interview with the US Consulate and help you put together your visa application. We can even help those of you wanting to depart Australia before May.
  • Pay: As outlined above PLUS for each day over 9 weeks you work you earn US$39 per day.
  • Free Food/Accommodation: This is included while at camp, so you can save your hard earned cash for after camp travels. Our camps also have laundry facilities so you can save even more.
  • Biggest and Best Camp Job Fairs: Since 1995, CCUSA has been hosting American Camp Directors in Australia to meet and hire staff. Our annual Camp Job Fairs are held in November/December and we host up to 25 summer camps. This is a fantastic opportunity to meet your potential Camp Director face to face and get hired on the spot! CCUSA offers the most camps and available jobs at our Camp Job Fairs, 2-3 times more jobs than other fairs offer!
  • Insurance: Up to 4 months US State Department & Australian Government (ASIC) approved Travel Insurance Policy included with the program at no additional cost. You receive insurance for the duration of your work visa/camp placement. Your policy can also be upgraded and extended for further travel.
  • SEVIS Fee Paid: Your US Government SEVIS tracking fee (US$35) is included with the program and not charged to you (this is not the case with all US camp programs!)
  • Flights to the USA: CCUSA participants are offered special flight prices through our preferred travel agent STA Travel. You also have the flexibility to arrange your flights through an agent of your choice at no additional cost.
  • Free Travel to Camp: From your camp's designated arrival meeting point in the USA.
  • Multiple Australian Offices: CCUSA's Australia has 3 offices across Australia. All our staff, as well as our local Area Representatives in each state have all worked at summer camps.
  • 24 Hour Toll Free Emergency Assistance while working in the USA.
  • Types of Camps: CCUSA work with over 1000 camps in the USA meaning we have more jobs available giving you the best chance to be placed. CCUSA personally and carefully access your skills, personality and the camp types you wish to work at - from there we find you the perfect camp placement. Camps love CCUSA's quality staff! We have a long-standing relationship with many camps (some of our staff have been with CCUSA for over 20 years and all of our staff have worked at camp!)
  • Orientation: CCUSA prepares you for camp and your travels before you leave Australia at this fun and informative meeting. It's a fantastic opportunity to meet all the other like-minded Aussies heading to camp.
  • Online Support Site: You'll gain access to 'Footprints' your personal support members website that holds important information and documentation for your travels.
  • Information Meetings and Events: We know when planning a big overseas adventure you'll have heaps of questions. We hold regular, free information meetings and events around the country so you can find out more and meet us face to face. 
  • Personal Development: Build lifelong skills and enhance career opportunities. Participating on a cultural exchange program shows a prospective employer you are mature, adaptable and hard working.
  • Extras: CCUSA exclusive Global T-shirt, Free US Sim Card, Transferwise accounts, Exclusive travel deals with our Preferred Travel Agent STA Travel, Specialized Tax Service Assistance, CCUSA staff handbook, travel guide and more.


See the Returning to Camp page for details including program information, wages and more.