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GUARANTEED SUMMER CAMP JOBS! click here to apply today! 

Being a tennis coach/instructor at a summer camp in America and being a part of the tennis staff is one of the most rewarding jobs at summer camp.

If you have strong tennis skills, then CCUSA has an amazing package for you!

  • GUARANTEED job placement at a summer camp in America*;
  • A job you will love and an unforgettable summer


  • Minimum Level 1 or similar coaching experience for at least one full year. 
  • OR at least 1 year advanced coaching experience with the ability to demonstrate these skills: 
  • Identify the different tennis grips and how to use them
  • Demonstrate stroke production techniques and methods of coaching at basic level
  • Recognize common flaws and apply correction
  • Implement tennis drills based on biomechanical techniques
  • Plan and conduct a group coaching session based on maximum participation
  • Demonstrate different ball feeding techniques
  • Have an effective understanding of tennis industry rules
  • Conduct tournaments and round robins,
  • Knowledge of how to use communication to combat conflict resolution on court.



  • Be 21 years or older;
  • All the above Advanced skills requirements plus three years of experience teaching /coaching tennis.

 Apply today - CCUSA has specific camps that need you and your skills now!

Whether you are a Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced or Elite applicant you will receive these program benefits:

  • Meals and accommodation included while at camp, saving you money for traveling and fun with friends;
  • Work & Travel medical insurance for the duration of your time at camp;
  • Sponsorship for the J-1 visa required to work at a camp;
  • CCUSA orientation, 24/7 support and much more.

Get the chance to teach campers various skills in small group lessons (normally 5 or 6 a day) or during one on one private lessons. As a team you will work on lesson plans (so bring plenty of fun tennis games and drills with you) and even set up and run tennis tournaments. Sign up today to be a Camp Counselor, leader and part of the tennis staff 

*Guaranteed Placement is for anyone who meets the above requirements and is accepted onto the Camp Counselors USA program by February 1st, the year you are going to camp.
**Inclusion in a category is subject to availability, and CCUSA has final decision on acceptance as an advanced or elite qualified participant.