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Why use CCUSA for your return to camp process? 

  • Simple & easy to complete application as you have used CCUSA before - just click Pre-fill your application to make it even faster to apply
  • No interview with CCUSA (as CCUSA interviewed you previously)
  • As a Returnee you can expect the lowest program fees in the industry, from an approved J-1 Visa Sponsor.



  • $699 (if paid and application completed by 31st Dec 2023 
  • $799 (if paid and application completed between 1st Jan 2024 & 15th March 2024)


  • Applications for this category are taken on a first come, first serve basis. 
  • Applications might be closed earlier than other application deadlines, due to the US Consulate restricting Visa appointments or the US Department of State limiting the number of visa's available for those returning to camp.
  • If you apply and pay after 15th March 2024 you will incur a non-refundable AU$100 surcharge.
  • For additional information (terms, conditions, pricing) please download and review the program agreement

Supplemental Costs

These are related to the program but not paid to CCUSA

  • The fee to apply for the J-1 Camp Counselor Visa US$290 (correct as of 30 May 2023). 
  • International & US Domestic Flight to camp and back (or onto another country after camp and your 30 day grace period has finished).
  • Federal Police Check (Code 28) AU$42. Do not apply till After January 1st, the year you are going to camp.

PLUS you get:

  • Up to 4 months Australian & US approved global work and travel insurance - you receive insurance to cover the duration of your work visa/camp placement. Your policy can also be extended and/or upgraded for further global travel.
  • 24 hour emergency assistance in the USA.
  • Visa sponsorship, a DS2019 form necessary to obtain your J-1 Camp Counselor visa and assistance in obtaining your visa.
  • SEVIS fee paid - the tracking fee imposed by the US Government is included with the program and not charged to you.
  • As CCUSA is your J1 visa sponsor we can actually arrange for your DS2019 form to arrive as soon as your camp confirms your position for the summer, so you can start the visa process as soon as your placement is confirmed!
  • Postal visa options - meaning you may not need to go for an in person interview at the US consulate.
  • Free travel to camp from your camp's designated USA arrival port.
  • Orientation - the option to attend CCUSA's Pre Departure Meetings to refresh yourself on all things camp and meet others going to your camp.
  • CCUSA’s expert guidance and support at home and abroad!

The CCUSA returnee process has never been simpler!

  1. Contact your camp and let them know that you would like to return to camp.
  2. Complete the simple CCUSA online returnee application. If you used CCUSA in the past, login to your Footprints account. Then click APPLY NOW, choose Camp Counselors USA and click the button "Pre-Fill My Application" then update your address and previous J-1 Camp Counselor visa
  3. Sign the CCUSA Electronic Program Agreement.
  4. Pay your Returnee fee to CCUSA.
  5. Upload or send CCUSA Australia the email or letter of invitation /contract
  6. Apply for a new Australian Federal Police Background check (Code 28) after 1 Jan (the year you are going).

From here, CCUSA will confirm your camp placement with your camp and then organise your DS2019 form so you can apply for the J-1 Camp Counselor Visa.

Returning on the program but you want to attend a different camp?

You will need to apply as a first time applicant and complete a full application form, references, attend a personal interview as well as supply a completed "Returning to a New Camp Addendum" with a great letter of recommendation from your previous camp director. Please contact your local CCUSA office for details and instructions on how to apply.