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What You Get

Program Benefits

  • Confirmed Placement: CCUSA works hard to find just the right camp placement for your unique personality! 
  • Earn a set stipend: During the placement (8-10 week contract) you will receive a minimum (gross) stipend of:

Camp Counselors

Age Stipend
18 Years CA$1400
19 - 20 Years CA$1600
21+ Years CA$1800
* Counselors with a valid lifeguarding certificate will receive an additional $150 CAD.

Support Staff



18 Years CA$1800
19 - 20 Years CA$2000
21+ Years CA$2100
  • If your placement is shorter than 10 weeks, you will get full payment, but you will not get free room and board for a full 10 weeks only until the last day of work.
  • Camp Directors are encouraged to pay supervisory staff a higher salary. If a camp wants to hire you for longer than 10 weeks, they will send a separate contract for your approval.  
  • Under Canadian law, camps are required to deduct an average of 5% - 7% of your earnings as CPP and Unemployment insurance. You may not be able to claim this money back at the end of the year. 

Up to 10 Weeks Insurance Coverage

  • Included with the program! If your placement and arrival orientation is longer than 10 weeks you will need to extend the policy to cover the full work period and orientation at your own cost prior to departure. Click here for details.

Room and Board

  • Included with the program for the full duration of their work placement! 

Work Permit and Visa Requirements

  • Participants will be required to obtain a work permit, and possibly a visa depending on their citizenship(s) and/or countries lived. You are responsible for all associated costs for the visa/work permit (up to CA$250, subject to change).  Though not required, you are at liberty to obtain immigration services on your own, or you may have the opportunity to use immigration services obtained by your camp, or CCUSA's preferred provider depending on where you are placed.  More information will be provided after your placement is confirmed.  As an Australian, you may be eligible for the Working Holiday Permit which will allow you to work at camp and continue to work for up to 24 months in Canada. It is your responsibility to review eligibility requirements, quotas and apply / pay for this.

Canadian Social Insurance Number

  • Upon arrival in Canada all participants will receive instructions on how to obtain a Social Insurance Number that will allow them to work legally in Canada.  In some cases, we will even walk you there.  This is an easy process!

24 Hour Emergency Support from Experienced and Friendly Staff

  • The full-time staff at CCUSA is dedicated to giving you the very best service around. We have all experienced working and traveling overseas. We are just a phone call away if an emergency occurs at any time during your stay in Canada. You can count on friendly, personal service from any of our staff. A 24/7 emergency phone number will be given to you at your orientation.

Simple Online Application Form

  • When you decide to go and work in Canada you want to make it as simple and easy as possible! Follow this link to Apply Now.

Be a Part of a Unique Canadian Community

  • Canadian diversity provides the perfect atmosphere to develop lifelong camp friends from around the world and many camps have avenues to allow you to keep in touch with them for years to come.

Cultural Exchange

  • You are an ambassador for your country. You will have a unique opportunity to learn about other cultures as well as sharing your culture and unique skill sets with other campers and staff. International staff has been a staple in Canadian Summer Camps for many years and have left their stamp on many of our great camps.