The CCUSA Aussie Staff

We've got great team spirit here at CCUSA with everyone having their own area of expertise and bringing different strengths to the different programs we have on offer. 

We have three full time offices in Australia, and many of our staff have been with the company or involved in the camping industry for over 15 years! This knowledge and experience can only benefit you. Our staff will provide you with the best customer care experience when you apply for a CCUSA adventure. 

When applying you’ll get to know all of us at some point, either over the phone, if you pop into the office, on social media or at an event, but in the meantime find out a little more below about the amazing CCUSA team.

Meet our team


Global Vice President Marketing/Sales/Operations
CCUSA Australian & New Zealand Director

DID YOU KNOW . . .Snowy has completed the flight between Australia and the USA more than 150 times since 1989, and many American Camp Directors still think ‘Snowy’ is his real first name.

Snowy worked at a YMCA camp Burgess/ Hayward on Cape Cod in Massachusetts for 5 years, as well as Camp Hazen in Connecticut. He has been working for CCUSA since 1993 in Australia, the USA, Hungary, NZ and UK. He is passionate about his family, sports, anything Australian (especially our Aussie sporting teams), and the New England Patriots NFL team.


CCUSA Australian & New Zealand Director

DID YOU KNOW . . .Alyson worked on the climbing wall at her camp, even though she is petrified of jumping off things.

Alyson has been involved in the camping industry since 1996, and loved her time at International Sports Training Camp in PA. She’s a busy mum of 3 kids (who’ve just started going to camp themselves!) and loves helping young Aussies experience the amazement of summer camp.

Vivienne Heath

DID YOU KNOW . . .Vivienne loves to travel and before working for CCUSA she worked as a travel agent. She has travelled all around the world and has visited 15 countries.

Vivienne spent two summers working as a general counselor at Day Camp Sunshine, a Christian day camp in New Jersey. She loved looking after the 7 and 8 year old girls both years that she went. Her favourite parts of camp was teaching the kids the bible, song time and playing group activities like capture the flag and how well do you know your counselor. Camp was a life changing experience for her and she loves being able to work for CCUSA to send people to have the same experience as she did.


DID YOU KNOW . . .Kayla didn't experience a winter for over 8 years because she refused to stop chasing the American summer.

Kayla spent 8 summers in a row working for the Texas Lions Camp, a residential camp for children with physical disabilities. She started her time there working in the bunkhouse as a general counsellor then over her years at camp became the Camp Life Coordinator and oversaw the daily running's of all the bunkhouses, staff and campers. She finished her time at camp working on the CCUSA Practical Training USA program (living in the USA for 18 months) and learnt the ins and outs of Camp Management. Camp is engrained in her veins and she is excited to be a part of the Sydney CCUSA team as the Events and Program Advisor


DID YOU KNOW . . .Tony can often be found sitting outside one of the bars on the Hobart waterfront with a glass of red.

Tony worked at a two Upstate New York summer camps for underprivileged children for 7 summers in the late 80’s/early 90’s. He was also the Australian Country Director of CCUSA in the early 1990’s before moving to New York. Approximately 14 years ago he moved to California and took over the role of Program Director of CCUSA’s Work Experience USA program for four years after which he returned to Australia to work with CCUSA in a marketing role.


DID YOU KNOW . . .Chris is the only CCUSA Australia staff who isn't from Australia, but loves living here!

Chris is originally from California, very close the CCUSA headquarters near San Francisco. He's been part of the CCUSA team for 14 years and has called Australia home for the last 10 years.