The CCUSA Aussie Staff

We've got great team spirit here at CCUSA with everyone having their own area of expertise and bringing different strengths to the different programs we have on offer. 

We have three full time offices in Australia, and many of our staff have been with the company or involved in the camping industry for over 15 years! This knowledge and experience can only benefit you. Our staff will provide you with the best customer care experience when you apply for a CCUSA adventure. 

When applying you’ll get to know all of us at some point, either over the phone, if you pop into the office, on social media or at an event, but in the meantime find out a little more below about the amazing CCUSA team.

Meet our team

Lucy Bonfield

DID YOU KNOW . . .Lucy didn’t experience a winter for over four years. She fell in love with Camp and chased an endless summer.

Lucy worked at Camp Agawak for Girls in Wisconsin for 4 years as a high ropes instructor and general counsellor. She loves design and marketing, family, helping others and her goofy Labrador Penny.

Morgan McBride

DID YOU KNOW . . .I am kiwi but have been based in Queensland for the past 7 years.

I am very passionate about all things travel, having already visited 24 countries. I have worked in the US 4 times. I did one summer at Camp Farnsworth in Vermont, Two summers at Camp E-Ko-Wah in Oklahoma, and I have also worked at Walt Disney World in Florida.

Nicole Schollum

DID YOU KNOW . . .Nicole spent 17 years outside NZ and has lived in London, Hong Kong and Singapore. She left NZ with a backpack and returned with 3 kids, 2 dogs and a container of stuff.

Nicole has worked for CCUSA's volunteering arm, Love Volunteers, since 2016 and started on the camp side of things in 2021. A passionate traveller herself, Nicole loves helping Kiwis get overseas.


DID YOU KNOW . . .Chris is the only CCUSA Australia staff who isn't from Australia, but loves living here!

Chris is originally from California, very close the CCUSA headquarters near San Francisco. He's been part of the CCUSA team for over 20 years and has called Australia home for more than 15 years.